Art at Common Ground

Create an Art Piece for the Garden

     This is my Girl Scout Gold Award Project called “Paints and Plants”. Your artwork can be placed in shadowboxes that I made with the help of my family and friends. The boxes are in a local community garden. There, many gardeners will see and be blown away by your talent. People go to the garden every day. Someone will always be there enjoying your artwork.
     If you really like to draw, I recommend you do this. You will paint or draw on a canvas. You can work on it whenever you are available. Then, get you canvas to me so it can be placed in the Community Garden “Common Ground”. It is located at 1770 Garden Drive (north side of Katella - second street east of Brookhurst) in Anaheim.

​Simple Rules

     You must be 10 and older to do a piece of art! (If you are a part of a group, the majority of the group should be over 10) On the canvas, (which will be 3’x3’ AND ONLY 3’x3’), you can do any media of painted art (acrylics, oil, water colors, etc.) Please- no graffiti art, word art, or tracing of a picture. No inappropriate content. Artwork must be ORIGINAL and will need to be approved for display by the garden members.
     Remember! You will need your own supplies and equipment. One source of supplies is the Art Supplies Warehouse at 6672 Westminster Boulevard, Westminster, CA. A 3’x3’ Canvas is $30. Four 3’x3’ canvases are $100. That’s 20 dollars off. Get 4 troops, groups, or artists together and save! A 24 small acrylic set cost me $14, brushes were $8, and the liquid varnish was $16 for sixteen fluid ounces. You need 4-5 coats of varnish on your canvas to protect your art from the elements. (Prices are approximate and subject to change)

     Any other questions please ask me.

​     If you are interested in doing a piece of artwork for display at the garden, e-mail me what organization you are from. If you are individual artists, write solo. For groups, please tell me how many people will be working on the project.


     Thank you,

     Torilyn Mundi - Troop 1627

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